kicking it at belz

I’m at the “Samuel and Frances Belzberg Library” today, doing desktop support, and it’s been pretty fun today.

Imaged four laptops – but my coworker sent up the wrong image, so I had to redo it.

Tried to convert a workstation to Windows 7, but I couldn’t get the (1997-era) receipt printer working in the timeframe allotted, so I rolled back to XP.

Apparently, in Windows 7, if you set up ForceAutoLogon, and the profile turns out to be invalid for some reason, there doesn’t seem to be any way to break the loop. In XP, you can hold down left-shift to make it pop up a login screen, but as far as I can google, Win7 does not have that functionality. Fuuu.  So it’s probably fastest to just re-image that workstation, too.

Installing large programs post-image is intensive, and I wonder if it’s better to build images dynamically instead of pushing out a small image and then the packages. The packages are large, and do not take advantage of multicasting, and any number of minor issues may plague the installation process. Windows’ AIK may be the way to go here instead of Ghost+WPKG.

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